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    Manganese, 32 oz

     New DVD'S & Cd'S By Dr. Allen

    Releasing Love, Rejecting Fear
    Dr. Corinne Allen $59.00, SPECIAL only $49.00

    Healing Vibrations in Water DVD
    Healing Vibrations in Water, DVD Dr. Corinne Allen Scroll down to featured product to purchase

    Bulk Pricing is Available. Click Links to Find Out More

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      How to design your health program and get results.  Why just taking supplments is not enough to heal and balance your health.  How frequencies of your supplements, oils, foods, thoughts and other remedies can make or break your health plan.  Ways to raise the frequencies and vibrations of your products and health protocol. 

      Why most health programs don't really get to the cause of the health issues.  How to choose modalities for raising your health vibration which then becomes vibrant health.

      Understanding the key factors to avoid in your diet, environment, emotions, water, and remedies that are blocking your health, energy, and vitality. 

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      Light Beyond Trauma is a powerful presentation of how we are all affected by trauma. It details how little traumas and big traumas can affect everything in our lives from our daily decisions, belief systems, relationships, financial status, and even our health.  It explains how traumas even 30 years ago can still be affecting our lives and our decisions. How do you stop the unhealthy cortisol production and move into a balanced life?

      You will learn practical ways to deal with the effects of trauma (emotional or physical) in the brain and body with essential oils and other natural aids.  You will be guided through powerful emotional trauma clearings that will change your life. 

      This series is one you will want to listen to over and over because it is so packed with helpful tools and understanding of how trauma affects us and what to do about it. 

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      Releasing Love, Rejecting Fear Seminar DVD
      Releasing Love, Rejecting Fear, DVD, Dr. Allen New Release
       (4 DVD's) on Sale $49.00, Reg $59.00.

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      EMPowerplus Q96

      Optimal Nutrition for Brain and Nerves

      • Supports Mood Stability with Calm Clarity to Cope
      • Enhances Overall Brain Health, Memory and Concentration
      • Bioavailable - 36 Vitamins, Minerals and AAs, Backed by Scientific Studies

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      The Lecture Series is Comprised of the Folllowing Lectures;

      Keys to Brain Health  1 CD
      The Healing Vibrations of Water 2 CD
      The Science & Practice of Electrolyzed Reduced Water 2 CD
      Keys to Brain Health 1 CD

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