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        Internship program

        Advanced Learning & Development Institute

        We are seeking qualified, motivated students for internships. Note if you are a practiconer already working with clients you will need to apply for the professional training program which is under development. 


        The Advanced Learning & Development Internship Program is 2½ (15days) unpaid internship in the summer during which interns are exposed to the daily roles and responsibilities of a Brain Injury educator, facilitator and therapist. 

        Interns participate in intake testing of Brain Camp participants. The intern will receive on the job training as well as group and personalized training in therapies and procedures used in the camps prior to and during the camp. The training will be targeted to the skills and interests of the intern as well. 

        The intern receives free room and board and transport to and from the airport.  This is an unpaid internship.

        Requirements Upon Acceptance:

        Some preparation required before arriving at the brain camp by reading and listening to training DVD’s is required prior to starting the internship.  The intern is supervised by experienced educators and therapists during the Brain camp. The intern arrives 3 days early to participate in training.

        We welcome applications from students enrolled in any university or private programs that accepts our nontraditional model as acceptable to fulfill their internship requirements.  We have had interns from Special Education, Education, Health and Safety, Psychology and other health and education related fields participate in our internship program.

        Qualifications:  Required interest in Special Education, Brain Injury Therapy, Autism therapy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Emotional Trauma Clearing, Essential oil therapies, and other wholistic quantum therapies, etc. 

        Applicant must be physically able to assist clients in physical activities, stand for long periods of time, Physical ability to lift and transfer children (minimum of 25 lbs).  Applicant must be able to multi-task as well and remember multiple directions.  Applicant must be willing and able to learn a broad cross-section of jobs that are part of the Brain Camp client’s daily program and perform them to satisfaction.

        Intern must demonstrate ability to effectively interact with all age groups to which service is provided. Intern must exhibit excellent interpersonal communication and public relations skills.  He/she must be able to work with a team and independently with clients.  Intern must have comfort working with brain injured clients from severe to moderate disabilities.  Intern must model positive, proactive and team oriented behavior.

        Intern must be physically able to assist with physical movement and activities of clients on mini trampoline, reflexes, floor exercises and therapeutic modalities. Must be willing and vigilant to communicate actual and potential problems to the supervisor in a timely manner.

        Upon successful completion of the internship, the intern can apply for a paid position in other Brain Camps. 

        To apply for internship with Advanced Learning & Development Institute please fill out the Inquiry form.(copy and paste to your computer, fill out and email to  You will be contacted and accepted/or rejected to proceed with the application process. 

        Advanced Learning & Development Institute                                 Intern Inquiry Form

        Employee Inquiry Information






        State          Zip

        E-Mail Address:




        Dates interested in Internship

        June 8-20, 2014

        July  3-16,2014


        Educational Institution connected with intern:

        Inquiry Details

        Complete the form and  fax or email to 208-937-9883, or 

        Please explain why you want to be considered for an internship in the Advanced Learning & development Institute’s  summer Brain Camp programs.   Indicate your  response  in the space provided below


        NOTE Please attach a resume including all jobs you have had, all schools attended, references.

        Requirements for Internship:

        1. Fill out inquiry form on the website

        2.  IF you are applying in connection with your University you need to check with them about this internship fulfilling the requirements for your program.  (we are happy to discuss this with your advisor)

        3.  Fill out application forms.  These are emailed to you after you submit the inquiry form on the website.

        4.  Meet the requirements for acceptance at ALDI’s internship program


        Date Replied:


        HR Signature:





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