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     Emotional Pattern Trauma Clearing

    Abundant Health for Relationships

    RSM Christian Neuro-emotional Therapy

    How RSM Works:

    Based on Neuroscience and epigenetic principles, RSM support your God-given innate ability to create transformation by renewing your mind (Romans 12:2) and healing your broken heart (Isaiah 61:1)

    Neuroscience shows that over 90% of mental, emotional, and physical dis-ease is caused by toxic belief systems held within cellular memory being activated by environmental stressors and DNA

    Examine me, O LORD< and prove me, TEST my heart and my mind Psalm 26:2

    A Good Client match:

      • Tired of cycling through familiar negative behavioral patterns?
      • Sill dealing with the same self-sabotaging behaviors?
      • Ready to do more than talk about your problems that keep you stuck?
      • Willing to commit to the process of transformation?
      • Ready to heal deeper and live free?
      • RSM utilized T.E.S.T (The Electro-chemical System Tool) to discover and dismantle neurological imbalances and emotional stressors caused by embedded negative belief systems.  RSM also supports neurogenesis—the process by which new neurons are formed by the creation of new, positive belief systems, thus true change is realized by healing inside and thriving outside

    RSM has successfully helped clients experience a decrease for presenting symptoms:  Depression; Allergies; Sexual Abuse; Alcohol Abuse/Dependence: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD);  Marital/relational Challenges; Phobias; Anger Management Issues; Spiritual Abuse; Ptsd; Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) Unresolved Trauma; Anorexia Nervosa; Sleep Disorders; and Anxiety Disorders

    (Many more, this is not a full list)

    Change Dis-Ease to Ease

    Founded in 2002, Retracing Sequence Method (RSM is an effective evidence-based Christian Neuro-Emotional Therapy that specialized in unresolved trauma (e.g., victims of abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, PTSD, etc.)  and a range of other challenging personal attachment and relational issues, including developmental issues. 

    RSM is not counseling

    RSM works with the client’s “emotional” reality, which may not correspond with “Historical” reality


    Amplified Bible (1987) Grand Rapids MI: &: Zondervan Publishing House.

    Colbert, D (2003) Deadly emotions:  Understand the mind-body-spirit connection that can heal or destroy you  Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, Inc

    Cozalino, L (2006) The neuroscience of human relationships. NY:W.W. Norton & Company

    Lipton, B. H (2005) The biology of belief: Unleashing the power of consciousness, matter and miracles  Carlsbad, Ca: Hay House, Inc

    For more information visit

    To Book an individual RSM emotional appointment with Dr. Allen or qualified RSM practicioner please call 208-691-7558


    (with gratitude to Carolyn Mein, its originator and Carl Janicek for carrying the message.)

    Among the services I offer, one of my favorites is this one.

    Through muscle testing, (applied kinesiology) we are able to distinguish where negative emotions – from earlier life experiences or previous generations – are stored in the body – at a level below consciousness.

    Then, utilizing an understanding of the body’s meridian system and alarm points, and the fact that the primal / survival brain’s amygdala responds to the sense of smell and not to language or rational thought,  we utilize the frequency and scent of therapeutic grade essential oils to release the emotion’s grip on the body.

    The addition of visualizing contrasting emotions, the use of carefully worded affirmations and the reinforcement and re-programming that "temporal tapping" makes possible  contributes to the establishment and assimilation of healthy new thought patterns.

    For Example: Using the reference book Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils, by Carolyn Mein

    Muscle Testing locates muscle weakness at the vertex point – top of head

    Emotion: REBELLION (per manual) Confirmed with strong response in presence of designated oil.

    Other Side: Oneness

    Affirmation: “I am one with all that is”.

    Essential Oil : RELEASE (A therapeutic grade essential oils blend prepared by Young Living )

    Temporal Tapping at Left ear: I am no longer rebellious. Breathe in Essential Oil.

    Temporal Tapping Right ear: I am one with all that is.

    If a pattern is deeply ingrained it may require more frequent tapping (several minutes, several times per day) and /or a longer sustained period of time to break free of it.

    Here is contact information to set up an Emotional Pattern Release with Essential Oils
    session or to have all your questions answered. 714-904-6014

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    Raising the Standard of Human Development
    Shiloh Institute
    (Center for Brain & Body Wellness) 

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