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     EMF Dangers and Autism

    EMF Dangers and Autism

    Autism and the MMR Vaccine Study: An integrative point of view

     Autism is a growing problem in the US. Forty years, ago, about 1 in 10,000 children was diagnosed with autism. Now the incidence is up to 1 in 63 among boys.

    Some parents believe their children developed autism after receiving a dose of the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella [German measles]) vaccine. The vaccine controversy began after a 1998 article that appeared in the British journal Lancet. That journal published a retraction of the original article last year. Now, on January 5, 2011, the British Medical Journal published a report saying that the original 1998 article was “an elaborate hoax.”

    I believe there is a real connection between vaccines and autism. But saying that vaccines are the sole cause of autism is like saying cholesterol is the sole cause of heart disease. It simply isn’t true. So what’s been causing the shocking increase in autism over the past 40 years?

    Autism is a form of brain damage. And the list of things that can damage delicate brain tissue is long and broad. Mothers-to-be are already warned about the toxic dangers of alcohol and tobacco. But heavy metals, pesticides, and plastics also disrupt the growing brain.

    The real cause of the increase though, is that all these chemicals now have an easier time getting into a baby’s brain where they can cause damage. Our brains are protected by what’s called the “blood-brain barrier.” This barrier allows nutrients to pass into the brain, and wastes to pass out, while keeping toxic elements out (pathogens, etc.). But exposure to wireless radiation makes the blood-brain barrier more permeable, so more toxins can get in.

    Whether in the womb or after birth, an infant is especially susceptible to the effects of electromagnetic radiation: from cell phones and microwaves, from wi-fi and computer screens. Here are some images of a brain scan, showing the difference with age.

    So here’s my take on vaccines and autism:

    Modern children are exposed to more toxins than their growing bodies can handle. Any of those toxins could be the one that sends them over their personal limit, and causes changes such as autism. So it’s no wonder that, yes, some children do begin to show signs of autism after receiving a vaccination. It’s also no wonder that large-scale studies don’t show an association between vaccines and the condition: There are so many triggers that the vaccines sort of get lost in the crowd.

     My Advice to Parents

    If you have a young child, and you’re wondering whether to have them receive the standard childhood vaccines, I’d say to examine your child’s whole environment. Do you have wi-fi or cordless phones in your home? Do you live near a cell phone tower? Did the mother eat lots of canned tuna during her pregnancy? If your child is being subjected to an overall toxic lifestyle (I know no parent wants to believe that’s the case, but it may be happening unwittingly), then you should be concerned about the effects of a vaccine.

    You can start by detoxifying your home and your family’s diet. Here are some places to start.

    • Switch from wi-fi to an Ethernet home computer setup.
    • Limit your use of cleaning chemicals and pesticides/herbicides in and around your home.
    • Switch from disposable plastic water bottles to a glass or stainless steel reusable water bottle.
    • Reduce the amount of large fish in your child’s diet (tuna salad, for example).

    Once you clean up your child’s life (and yours, too as a side benefit) you can be much less concerned about the effects of childhood vaccinations.

    And what about that bogus study? It doesn’t concern me one bit. As I said, vaccines aren’t the sole cause of autism. The increase in autism is very real, and vaccines are just one piece of the puzzle.

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