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    Emotional Pattern Trauma Clearing

     Emotional  Pattern Trauma ClearingTM

    Deep Emotional Release and Integration: Brain injuries, pain, chronic illness, and emotional imbalances and stresses have deep emotional roots and often many stuck traumas that are affecting ones functioning, relationships, and wellness.  The  ETC method offers a highly effective way to find and balance the roots of  traumas causing physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances.

    Emotional  Pattern Trauma Clearingtm  for all kinds of applications and problems specific to your needs.  ETC is used for brain balancing and electromagnetic field balancing as well as for memory, focus, neurotransmitters, depression, emotional release and balancing for Chronic health problems.  $99.00 each half hour of the sessions, usually 1 1/2 hours minimum. Email to reserve your session with Dr. Allen,

    Emotional Pattern Trauma Clearingtm

    Traumatic symptoms are not caused by the triggering event itself.  They stem from the frozen residue of energy that has not been resolved and discharged in the nervous system. (Peter Levine)

    What does the body and mind consider trauma?  When any event is overwhelming to a person's capacity to cope.  Research also has shown that  if the mineral reserve is low at the time of a traumatic event, that it locks into the cellular DNA and nervous system as a trauma.  Trauma resonates when one feels helplessness and the capacity to defend oneself by running, fighting or freezing is not successful.  These are survival energies that become stuck at that moment in the nervous system.  That survival mode can last decades and symptoms will often develop as a result of this block.  If the energy is not released from the nervous system, where it is stuck, one can develop anxiety, panic, addictions, anger, depression, and many other psychosomatic, physical illnesses, and behavioral problems. 

    The light and joy, balance, focus, energy and drive go out of our life.   When we discharge and release trauma energy we invite light, joy, focus, determination, direction, and balance back into our lives.  The body and mind become their own healer.  This release is sometimes all that is necessary is to facilitate this natural state of love and harmony. 

    In Biblical times essential oils were used to benefit every aspect of their beings:  physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  The ancient people of the Holy Land used the aromatic oils for every purpose. They understood that oils enhanced spiritual states of worship in cleansing emotions and sins, as well as how powerful oils were for maintaining wellness. 

    Emotional Pattern Trauma ClearingTM ,which uses as a core modality, essential oils, which contain life force, intelligence, and vibrational energy, innately give them the healing power to release blocked energy.  The application of therapeutic essential oils to emotional trigger points releases the gift of  harmony and balance in the physical, emotional and spiritual body facilitating a true Emotional Pattern Trauma ClearingTM.  Once the person holding the trauma is released, they will never be "normal" again but, instead, often exceed their own expectations.  Resolved trauma leads survivors to expand their range of resiliency and capacities.  As the unfolding of a newness in life ensues after the traumas are released new ways of life, and thinking can be explored.  Specific affirmations are very important to help that newness unfold with empowerment.

    What are the symptoms of Trauma?

    Anxiety/panic attacks and phobias

    Feeling disconnected and detached

    Feeling isolated and alone


    Fears, helplessness

    Excessive worry


    Hyperactivity, lack of focus

    Mood swings

    Anger outbursts

    Weight gain

    Extreme sensitivity to light or sound



    Loss of memory

    Physical pain

    Chronic Fatigue

    Loss of vitality



    Reduced ability to deal with stress

    Chronic Illness

    Sources of Trauma


    Birth trauma

    Bonding break with parent

    Constant criticism and judgment

    Anger and violence



    Sexual molestation

    Car Crash

    Surgery medical or dental


    Death of a loved one


    Suicide of loved one

    Forced emigration or loss of homeland




    Accident and fall

    Any experience that cause a threat to your life

    Physically attacked

    Experience of war

    The Emotional Pattern  Clearing TM Technique allows for a supportive, natural discharge of the autonomic nervous system releasing the trauma energy from the body.

    One drop of essential oil contains enough molecules to cover every cell in the body with 40,000 molecules.  "Considering that it only takes one molecule of the right kind to open a receptor site and communicate with the DNA to alter cellular function, you can see why even inhaling a small amount of oil vapor can have profound effects on the body, brain, and emotions." (Dr. David Stewart, Healing Oils of the Bible). The Emotional  Pattern Trauma ClearingTM  technique applies an oil high in sesquiterpene molecules to the trauma trigger point.  These deliver oxygen molecules to the cells.  Sesquiterpenes can also erase or deprogram miswritten (traumatic) codes in the DNA.  The sesquiterpenes can erase garbled information that is affecting many areas of one's life.

    The Emotional Pattern ClearingTM  has been found useful in all kinds of brain and body imbalances.  "The American Medical Association (AMA) has said that if they could find an agent that would pass the blood-brain barrier, they would be able to find cures for ailments such as Lou Gehrig's disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease.  Such agents already exist and have been available since Biblical times.  The agents, of course, are essential oils -- particularly those containing the brain oxygenating molecules of sesquiterpenes."  (Dr. David Stewart, Healing Oils of the Bible).

    Essential oils with monoterpenes can reprogram the cellular intelligence.  The essential oils have the ability  to cleanse the DNA receptor sites and erase incorrect information in the DNA or cellular memory.  Essential oils can reprogram the correct information into the cellular intelligence.  This is why essential oils can actually correct and reprogram a traumatic event because it works at the cellular level to facilitate a permanent and sometimes instantaneous balancing of the cells. 

    "Any essential oil placed anywhere on the body is transdermal and can reach every part of the body within minutes." (Dr. David Stewart, Healing Oils of the Bible) In the Emotional Trauma Clearingtm TechniqueTM a series of oils are placed on brain and body points.  Only a drop or so is needed. Different oils evoke memories, feelings,  body sensations, sound, pictures, etc. The chemical components of each oil is designed to reach another layer of trapped traumas.  The ETC technique is gentle, fast acting, and enjoyable.  

    Benefits from this technique.

    Death of a child or spouse
    Addiction issues,
    Alcohol dependence,
    Abnormal sex patterns,
    Chronic anxiety,
    panic attacks,
    Overly fearful,
    Death of loved one,
    Not getting goals accomplished
    Military duty of any kind
    Seeing or being involved in the death of another
    Any accident
    Hard, traumatic birth, C section, premature
    Cord around neck at birth
    Surgery of any kind
    Stress at any level
    Emotional instability
    Broken relationships: friends, siblings, parents, children, etc
    Chronic Pain
    Chronic Illness

    Emotional abuse from a spouse.
    Emotional abuse from an employer,
    Emotional abuse of parent or sibling,
    Rebellious child,

    Low or no energy

    Vaccination poisoning, trauma


    Essential oils for all kinds of applications and problems specific to your needs.  Essential oils for brain balancing and electromagnetic field balancing. Oils for memory, focus, neurotransmitters, depression, emotional release and balancing with essential oils too. Chronic health problems addressed too. $99.00 each half hour of the sessions, usually 1 ½-2 hours minimum.

    Emotional Pattern Trauma Clearing


    On the surface of all cells are thousands of receptor sites, which are  “sensing” molecules, each designed to accept only certain types of molecules. These “sensing” molecules are vibratory molecules which only accept the right “vibratory key.” At the same time the organs of the body send out vibratory messages that attract or draw appropriate molecules to themselves. This is how a molecule released by one set of cells finds its way to the specific cells of the organ or tissue that was intended by the cells sending the message.

    2   These “messenger molecules” are called ligands.   Ligands are manufactured within the cells and send out  messages to other cells in other parts of the body. The intracellular communication system is the way our body functions.

    3.  Information carrying molecules (ligands) include peptides, steroids, neuropeptides, neurotransmitters, and hormones. The varieties number in the tens of thousands. Peptides are composed of amino acids of which there are twenty known. Peptides consist of chains of amino acids. Consider amino acids as an alphabet of 20 characters that can form an unlimited variety of words (ligands) by which cells communicate between themselves.

    4.  This is how a ligand, like insulin, can circulate throughout one's body and yet only be picked up by the cells that need the information that it carries.

    5.  In one sense, ligands are like keys that fit only certain locks (specific receptor sites).  Ligands of the right shape (molecular structure) are accepted by cells with matching receptor sites (matching locks) while ligands of another shape are rejected (key doesn't fit).

    6.  Molecules of Emotions are neuropeptides and receptors (ligands). These ligands are in    constant  communication with the immune system .

    7.  Health and disease are created in our bodies when neuropeptides enter the cells. If the molecule is a negative emotion then disease results. Likewise, if positive emotions exist then health ensues


    1.         Essential oils are extracts from the natural juices of plants that circulate through the leaves, stems, roots, and flowers that constitute their lifeblood.

    2.         The molecules of essential oils are small enough to circulate through human tissue bringing nutrients to the cells and carrying waste products out of the cells.

    3.         Essential oils also carry electrons and oxygen into human tissue.

    4.         Essential oils also carry coded information that can be translated by cellular DNA and which can be of great therapeutic benefit to people-physical, mental and emotional.

    5.         There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different compounds found in Essential oil molecules each with an affinity for certain cells of the human body.

    6.         Molecules of essential oils are like enzymes, hormones, vitamins, and ligands. They carry information that is pertinent only to the cells with the receptor sites able to accept that specific ligand or molecule.

    7.        Hence, some oil molecules gravitate to muscle tissue, others to nerves, others still to the digestive system, and others to the heart, etc., each administering benefits, including the removal of toxins and the opening of emotionally stored memory in the DNA.

    8.         Not only can oils help release cellular memories stored anywhere in the body, depending on the oils applied, they also directly stimulate the limbic system or emotional brain, which is in the center of our heads.

    9.         Our eyes, ears, tongue and sense of touch are all wired so that their messages pass to the brain via the reasoning cortex first. The nose, however, is wired differently. It connects directly with the limbic brain such that one's response to an aroma is going to be emotional before it can be rational.

    10.       Therefore, because inhaled oils directly affect the emotional seat in our brains where traumatic memories are often stored and because oils can release cellular memories stored anywhere in the body, they can be of great value in helping us clear ourselves from the unconscious, hidden emotional patterns that can control our lives and hold us back from the full manifestation of our potential.

    Emotional Pattern Trauma Release Testimonials

    I just wanted to thank you again for allowing us to be a part of the training in Georgia last week.  It was a timely blessing, and I am so grateful...  When I was getting the trauma release, I physically felt "fear of menopause" leave my body and soul.  This has been a huge roadblock, and I have felt tangibly difference since.  Also, the things you said have really been making me think, and things are shifting... Thank you.

    VK Florida

    Amara: 9 year old severe fear. wont sleep alone. Severe ADD and reading troubles. After trauma release she is able to focus and now sleeping alone, behavior better. . I am thrilled to let you know that Amara has made several improvements in school. She was making D's & F's with tutoring, and after meeting with you, she got A's & B's with "ONE" D on her report card (without tutoring). The D was one point away from a C. I am so grateful to you and your team. God is so good!

    Wow, so last night my husband wasn’t cranky with me once. He actually talked to me, I am so excited. That hasn’t happened in 8+ years. He always snapped at me before. And the minute I walk in the door he would have complained about the smell of the oils….He never said a word. You just don’t know how unusual that is. I woke up this morning, actually ready to jump up and face the day without hitting snooze 10 times. I was so excited to get up and start a glorious day, that is so incredible.  My eldest son who lives away from home who hasn't connected with me for a long time, texted me this morning and said “I miss you, Have a great day, I love you” out of the blue—how amazing is that. And my whole day has been so amazingly productive, without taking any ADDERALL, or struggling to keep my thoughts straight, or fight to focus. I PRAISE GOD, I PRAISE GOD, I PRAISE GOD, I PRAISE GOD, I PRAISE GOD, for this therapy, for divine appointments, and for you.  TH, Idaho

    I have done all kinds of energy work and have never experience anything like this.  This is the most powerful I have ever experienced.  KB, Utah

    After my adult son received Emotional Traume Release he is much calmer, willing to listen to reason, less stuck in emotional immaturity. His girl friend had moved out because of conviction from the Holy Spirit about living together without marriage. They have two beautiful little girls together. This past week, they got married. I believe the emotional release removed blockages to make this possible. Now two little girls have a mama and daddy under the same roof with God's blessing. Jessi had received instructions from the Lord that she is to teach Kingdom Kids to little ones, and now she is released to do this because their lives are in order and God can bless what she does. I give God all the glory for teaching this to Dr. Corinne, Brian and Cindy.

    DW, Rhine, Ga

    Donna B has struggled with back pain since 2005 and she also had  the powerful trauma emotional release, went to brain camp, followed Dr. Corinnes protocol and studied Dr. John Sarnos book, " How to heal back pain." She is pain free as of today! We are very excited about what the future holds as we pursue every avenue the Lord opens for releasing mankind from trauma that has kept people in prison. He is indeed setting the captive free!

    Donna B, China Hill, Ga

    I am feeling so much better now, I have done the ETR and followed it up with with the  Brain Recovery protocol  protocol's and it is helping so much with the anxiety I have been experiencing. I have had such great success with it. Thank you so much.
    Anonymous- Maryland

    After the emotional Trauma Release my son is acting less guarded, more open. I do not feel like there is a wall there anymore.  He doesn't mumble anymore.  Zac, Idaho

    I came to the Healing House feeling myself quickly failing in spine, head and immune system from what I believe was coming from childhood vaccines and chemtrails bothering my right eye.The bodily stress caused fatigue and numbness to my emotions.  My eye drained during the days in the Healing House therapies and when I left it was resolved and I felt so much better. I am holding my own. Much less effort to function.  ML, Montana.

    I came to the Healing House because of these multiple traumas in my life: war trauma, 6 marriages, car crash trauma, criticism, condemnation, judgment trauma, birth trauma, threat to life traumas, accident and fall traumas, suicide, violence, bonding break, concussion trauma, and surgery.  I no longer had to talk all the time. I could be quiet.  I felt the difference in myself after releasing all these traumas.  I want others to benefit from the kindness, care and expertise demonstrated at the Healing House.  RP, Montana

    I came to the Healing House with fibromyalgia and very low energy, low quality of life.  I could not handle any stress.  I had difficulty with being patient in relationships.  The emotional release therapy helped the most.  It was very insightful as to feelings I had but had not verbalized.  I felt so released and energy returned after the emotional trauma releases. Judy, California

    Wow! I just wanted to let you know that Alexander is a completely different kid after his treatment today! I am AMAZED! He has been so fun, agreeable and sweet. It's incredible. Thank you so so much!

    Alexandra had a birth trauma of 71 million. He had a normal birth but within 7 hours was wisked from his mom because he was losing oxygen.  It was found that he had the pulmonary and aorta crossed and needed heart surgery.  Within 10 days he had this very traumatic surgery.  At 3 he was now beginning to exhibit behavioral defiance, speech difficulties, and some developmental delays.  The behavior issues were getting worse.  Immediately after his trauma clearing session the trauma score went to 0.  His heart was 100% broken (energy) At the end of the trauma release it was totally released of all brokenness and tested whole.

    I just had Alexander's parent/teacher conference at his preschool. His teacher asked me if anything has changed at home or if we have done something different since around Christmas time, because she has noticed a huge positive change in him since then!! She said that before that he was totally disengaged and she was wondering if she was getting through to him or if he was learning anything, but after that he has seemed interested, engaged and excited to participate! Wow! We are so thankful for you! :)
    Andrea Dykstra

    Since the ETC I am not procrastinating.  I am getting a lot of things done like cleaning and organizing.  Now I can be in my office and everything is in order.  I can see my desk.  My files are getting in order, my dresser, my closet.  The garage you can now get both cars in it.  I am sorting and getting rid of baggage clearly  that I was holding onto because of all my traumas.  The healing house experience and therapies have freed me to pay attention to orderliness. 

    In my prayer time I am now more alive.  My prayers are being answered quicker sometimes within minutes since the trauma releases.  I prayed specifically and asked for supply financially and 5 minutes later I had a $3000.00 job.  Today I got a little item bill and it is normally $55.oo and for some reason (which never has happened before) the bill went DOWN to $30.00.

    I am thrilled with the new thinking pattern and the new results in my life. Everytime I have a new idea to fine tune I am finding more creative ways to do it.  My wife is surprised at the changes.

    His wife noticed he is more peaceful with himself.  He looks different than before the trauma clearings. Looked at an old picture before the trauma clearing and he is definately different.  He is now talking about what bother him.  He is aware of the difference between current stuff and old stuff. He is different about himself.  He sees himself in the now.   He doesnt react to things. He is able to move peacefully and looks younger.   First thing I noticed when he came home was that he had lost his baggage.  His face was clear, head up, face relaxed.  He looked like his old self. It was like he had his core back and it was now strong.    He is an angel, patient.

    I was reluctant to spend the money at the healing house at first but I was drawn there.  Once I did it I have no regrets The results were great.  It was necessary. Ron Price,  Emigrant, MT

    I am not as agitated and nervous now. My nervous system has calmed down.  I just dont get triggered. I am not as fatigued either.  I have been able to start doing little things like joining the hot spring.  I am more positive.  I am more mindful than before, not just of the treatment, but of environment too.  I am getting things faxed and organized. Good things are happening.  Aspirations LLC

    I am having much more positive outlook. I am not as depressed as I was.  I am recognizing and stopping negative thoughts and staying positive.  I feel better.  I feel a lot more in control of my life now.  Sam K, Missoula, MT

    -I reported to you after the T.R.C you performed in Orlando that the "white mass" I was seeing with my closed left eye appeared less solid and had holes permeating it.  In testing my sight with my left eye I have noticed there may be less blockage than before, so it may have improved somewhat from the treatment. Sam H

    After the trauma clearing my friends of 18 years said that I looked different and acted different.  They knew me when I was in a deep depression.  After another business meeting that I had they told my husband that "she's different, more spontaneous, more of her personality coming out, she is remembering more. "I feel lighter, not bogged down!"  Rochelle D, Washington. 

    Praise! I encountered a ‘test’; friend came visiting her daughter from out of town & I met with her.

    Wow! What you helped me with truly worked!  I know I’m free from any past emotions about her.  She even said there was something about me that was different-more peaceful, relaxed, not so tense. Nancy P, CDA, Idaho

    I have been grieving the loss of my wife since 2008, and not able to move on in life because of the severe grief that I cannot shake no matter what I do. I was even suicidal   After my emotional trauma clearing session  I am so much better now. When I came home I boxed up all the photos from my wifes Funeral. Since the session I am now able to process things much better. Stuff that use to really bother me before, when it comes up I just let it roll off my back. I am able to move on without it even bothering me. It is really wonderful. Bill H. Wenatchee

    My marriage is so much better. Thank you. Judy M TriCities, Wa

    I  walked out of my  office after doing an Emotional Trauma Clearing session on the phone, and  I have never felt that way in my life.!! It was like  everything 100 pounds was lifted off of me. It felt like there was a real light inside,  and all my cells were there filled with light and there was no more crap inside of them. Denise B. Charlotte, NC

    I feel like i had a burden on me  and it was overwhelming. The Emotional Trauma Clearing was a release of all those burdens on me which were  piled up in my soul. l.cannot believe that I was walking with all that until it is gone. I didnt even know I had so much on me..

    I have a free spirit, now I am looking forward to my life again. I was depressed all the time and I didn't even know it.  I am not gaining all the weight I was before the emotional trauma clearing.  I am not getting fatter as I was. I am staying the same. I am motivated now. I  got a trainer,  working out, back on my  good food. Before I was ravenous all the time. It was an emotional thing.  I am not feeling this  hate that I had for my mother, and resentment for not loving me  I feel light.  You cannot  imagine how great I feel.  I am getting emotional just saying this.  The emotional Trauma Clearing is the  best thing I ever did.  I am so grateful that I was recommended to do it and came to the seminar that weekend.  I cannot even put it into words because it is so enormous. I didn't know I was carrying around so much. I am ready to go forward.  I am ready to lose weight and go forward with my life

    I want to do everything Dr. Allen told me about .  I didn't really think about i what happened.  I just knew I felt great.  I am not sleeping, I would go home and go right to sleep and it was depression I don t do it any more. Everyone is carrying around emotional baggage and we dont even realize it.  Now clothes fit me better.   am not putting on more weight I .  am not sluggish. I am not sleeping as much. My depression that I didnt even realize I was living in, is gone.. Adelaine, Whitter, Ca

    My attitude way better feel like a huge weight lifted off. Doing affirmations, reading and doing 3x a day . Leigh Ann M. Paso, Wa

    Feel alot, happier, and a lighter feeling, No more feelings of resentment toward family. All the bad feelings toward family gone. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. I've been wanting to have a 3rd child for a while and my husband was not on board. Since doing the session, my husband has seen such a difference in me that the other day he asked me " so when are we going to have our 3rd child?" This is so amazing because he has been so against this for so long.  Megan M, California

    I Had severe depression, brain injury, fatigue, Lyme disease, have been bed ridden for a long time not able to function, not able to work, wanting to leave my marriaget.  Now I am ready to change, I am doing affirmations enthusiastically. I feel like a different person.  It is so amazing because the day after the emotional trauma clearing,  I got out of bed early and excited and ready to go, I went shopping and ran errands. I recruited a great prospect for enagic, and then went to the bank and got a water trial started with the  banker.  I haven’t  felt like this in so long I am so excited. I went and bought dirt and flowers to plant, I am alive again.  I have a life again. I have a LIFE!!!    Today my water started flooding my kitchen. Normally I would have fell apart in a situation like this and started crying but I was able to handle it today. With no problem.  I am so excited that I have a life again. I am ready to start planting some flowers and get some color around my house. I haven’t had the desire to do any of this in so long.  KK Louisana

     Wanted to let you know that things are looking up since we've had our session. I'm very happy. My relationship with my sons, particularly my older son has also improved greatly. Erica B, Georgia

    I just want to take a moment to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for my session today. I feel so light and calm. I went to visit my twin sister and she complemented that she sees a change in me. She noticed I look happy, radiant & years younger. She beg me to check with you if you are still in town she would like to have a session with you, Elizabeth L, S Calif

         I felt better than I have in a long time. I had much more energy, a great night’s sleep, and felt great the next day. I felt like I had my life back. Jo.G. Calif.

          Helped a lot with clarity and my ability to interact with people. I felt much better about my self image. I felt the ability to be able to say what was on my mind to the people around me instead of feeling like I didn’t have the ablity to say anything at all. Debra.H. Calif.

        Afterwards I felt a lot better and more peaceful. Christina M. Wa.

    After my emotional trauma clearing I feel much more in control.  I have been much  more calm.  Biggest thing was that I struggled the first few days with a little detox.  But I felt much more free.  My business is going much better.  I have been in a job where I felt my values were compromised. The company I was working for was not doing things right and following the rules.  I was able to quit my job a few days after the session.  It was such a struggle before the session to think about giving up that security, but it was going against what I believe in and felt that my name was attached to something that was not what I believed in.  I feel so free now.  Within days my other business ventures brought in 7 orders.  More people are calling me for business.  I have been doing business things on the side for 7 years and NEVER have taken 7 orders in one week.

    My relationship with my son is strained due to his wife.  I got an amazing mother’s day gift from him.  He was free to be connected to me.  Everyone is more protective and loving with me, it is so much more noticeable and really amazing.  I have usually had a lot of anxiety all day long, and struggle, having to work on it daily.  After the ETC I have had no anxiety for 3 ½ weeks.  I have been getting up feeling better,  knowing what I am going to do, not struggling only able to do moment at a time and now not struggling all day with anxiety.  I feel I am now free to be  me.  I feel like a better me without changing who I am. Janet L, Ga.

    To book your ETCTM session Appointments available in many cities around the Unites State where Dr. Allen is speaking.  Check the website to see the schedule.  All other appointment can be scheduled by calling 866-812-7246 for appointment in  , Idaho, and Los Angeles area where individual Clearing sessions can be booked.  Clearing sessions can be booked anytime for phone consultations – for these you will need to purchase a few oils to have on hand yourself.  Sessions are $99 each half hour, 1 ½-2  hour minimum.  After the first Emotional trauma clearing follow up may be done at 30 minute sessions for $99.00

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